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It’s here!!

So…It’s finally here…

My new blog!  You can follow Clothes…My Eyes! by clicking on this link:

Although I do love all things beauty, I have found that my passion lies in the world of fashion, and so I’ve begun a blog focusing mainly on the unique clothes I have found in charity shops!

Clothes…My Eyes! will of course feature purse friendly finds, and will have the occasional beauty post.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by


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It’s been too long!

It’s been too long since I blogged. 


I started this blog on a whim, whilst I was doing my Creative Writing MA, and working full time.  It’s no wonder it didn’t get very far!! I barely had a minute for myself, never mind half a minute to spend blogging.


But…now I’ve recovered from the MA, and settled into my new job in a cancer charity, I will soon be merging this blog with a new one…which will chronicle mostly affordable fashion.  Cheap make-up tips can also be found though! 





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Aromatherapy News!

I have just received my May edition of Professional Beauty and there is an interesting mention of sage oil…

Research from Decleor shows that sage oil is “three times more effective than salicylic acid for purifying.”  (Salicyclic acid is the magic ingredient in Dermalogica’s Overnight Clearing Gel.)

So, if you have an unperfumed moisturiser such as Aqueous Cream or Silcocks Base, you could add one or two drops the moisturiser in order to help dry out blemishes! (Do, however, ensure that the amount added is MINIMAL as some aromatherapy oils can aggravate sensitive skin.)

Sage oil can be purchased from most pharmacies and health stores, prices starting from as little as £4.

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Yep, like every fanatic, I love to indulge in make up; I love to buy the new season’s palettes, the summer pastels, the smokey winter shades, the golden autumnal hues.  The one thing you need to rely on to complete your perfected make-up look is a good foundation.  A good foundation doesn’t have to be expensive though.  Rimmel have upgraded their 12hr Lasting Foundation to a 25hr Lasting Foundation.  This one is the most economical long lasting foundation on the market.  It provides an even, flawless finish and is easy to apply, with either fingers or a sponge.  A compact such as Elizabeth Arden can be popped in the handbag for touch ups on a night out.

Rimmel 25hr foundation can be bought in most pharmacies, Superdrug and Boots.  It is by far the cheapest good quality foundation available, and will set you back approximately £6.99.

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Hello world! Welcome to cheap beauty tips! :)

Beauty on a budget


As a qualified Beauty Therapist and self confessed make-up addict, my budget for beauty products took a major nosedive when I returned to University as a mature student.  Gone were the days of buying expensive (i.e. Guinot – which is actually amazing!) cleansers, toners and moisturisers and nail varnishes (i.e. Nails Inc) and the beauty products of a basic student “salary” reintroduced.  And guess what? It is possible to look after your skin on an extremely tight budget! Categorically, I’ve listed the best finds I’ve come across, which do actually work.

Cleanser, toners and moisturisers. 

A long time sufferer of acne, I’ve tried many different products to help combat my problem skin.  In my working days, Guinot and Dermalogica were a must.  Now I find that Johnson&Johnson Clean and Clear Daily Exfoliating Wash meets my skincare needs, and really does what is says on the tin – which is clean and unblock pores from day one, leaving skin noticeably shinier and smoother.  And, priced at just over three pounds, this little beauty can be found in Tesco, Superdrug, Boots and most other pharmacies!


It is important for people with oily skin to moisturise, so after toning with rose water, (which again can be found at an extremely low price in most pharmacies) I have found moisturising with Aqueous Cream   or Silcocks Base extremely effective.  Both work as a natural emollient too, so can be used as a cleanser for those with sensitive, dry or normal skin types.

Now, I know this sounds strange, but one cream I have found works wonders as an intense moisturiser once a week, (also doubles as an under-eye cream) is Bepanthen!)  Yes, I know it was initially designed for nappy rash, but hey, if it’s good enough for a baby’s bottom…! Just be careful if you are going to bed with it on, it can leave your pillow greasy.

I do have to say that if you suffer from acne, the one product that is worth saving up for even when you are a student is Dermalogica’s Overnight Clearing Gel.  It contains the active ingredient Salicyclic Gel , and it works like magic! It is by and far the best product I have ever tried for clearing up nasty pimples, and I have tried a few! I received my current gel as a Christmas present, (thanks Mum!) so am unsure of the price…all I know is that as a student it’s veeerrrryyyyy expensive, but like I said, definitely worth it!